Caring for You, Caring for Me

Do you provide hands-on personal care, help make decisions, gather information or
give other support to a loved one with a long-term illness or disability?
Need a lifeline to help manage it all?
Then this program is for YOU …

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Who Should Attend?

Family caregivers of people with long-term illnesses or disabilities. This program is exclusively for caregivers.

What Will You Learn?

This education and support program will teach you and other family caregivers about:

•  Various topics related to caregiving;

•  Finding quality health online health information for family caregivers using hands-on tutorials from NIH’s National Library of Medicine;

•  Methods of coping with the stresses and strains of being a caregiver;

•  What resources are available to help you help your loved one;

•  Ways to work with your care team to reduce some of the frustrations and barriers you may face in your caregiving roles;

•  The value of knowing you’re are not alone—others share your feelings and concerns.

About “Caring for You Caring for Me”: The workshop series is adapted from the Rosalyn Carter Institute for Caregiving’s award-winning, evidence-informed Caring for You, Caring for Me program for caregivers. Kadamba Tree presents RCI’s education and support program along with instruction on practical stress management techniques and accessing quality health information online. This program is made possible by the the National Library of Medicine and features tutorials on NLM health information resources for family caregivers.