WAMU 88.5 Features Kadamba Tree in Coverage of Caregiver’s Secrets

The secret’s out: Caregivers often feel strain, but support is available. It never occurred to me to speak openly about the often “secret” nature of caregiving. (Guess that’s what makes a secret a secret, huh?) We enjoyed having WAMU at … Continue reading

From Suffering to Blossoming

I admit it. Caregiving overwhelmed me. Four years of responding to one crisis after another broke me. It convinced me that I’d never be happy or even have a good night’s sleep again. I lost any hope of having my … Continue reading

Under the Kadamba Tree

Welcome to Under the Kadamba Tree, a blog for caregivers. But what is a Kadamba tree? Well, it’s many things to many people. So let’s start with where and how it grows. The Kadamba tree is a fragrant, flowering tree that … Continue reading