Guiding Principles

The essence of all of Kadamba Tree Foundation’s programs is caregiver empowerment. We help family caregivers by focusing on four key areas:

The Kadamba Tree Foundation offers ongoing courses, one-time workshops and special retreats for a variety of caregivers. Our programs have four elements to help caregivers not only manage the challenges of caregiving, but also blossom into their potentials:

If you provide or coordinate care for an aging loved one or a loved one with a long-term illness or disability, we can help by offering:

Practical Information

Information and resources to support the many hats you wear (e.g. personal care provider, finance manager, advocate, confidante, cheerleader).
Teachers and guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds (e.g., family caregivers, health care professionals, lawyers, financial advisors, wellness experts).

Stress Management

Stress Management techniques to counter the pattern of constantly reacting to crises that caregivers often experience.
Techniques specifically chosen to complement the practical skills featured in a particular class or workshop.
Programs tailored to your individual needs so you can go home with stress management tools to help you better implement the skills you’ve learned.

Personal Development

Programs that empower you to build or maintain a connection to your personal identity, strengths, and interests.
Support and encouragement as you commit to self care as a necessary part of caring for someone else.
Opportunities for individual instruction when you’re ready to deepen your commitment to effective self-care even further.

Community Building

Small group classes which allow caregivers to build a community of support with teachers and other caregivers.
Support from objective teachers who are concerned about your personal development.
A learning environment where you can be honest; gain clarity about your own concerns and expectations about caregiving; and, most of all, know that you’re not alone.

Visit our public program calendar or contact us for customized programs for your group.