1-1 Programs for Family Caregivers

Do you juggle work with caring for an aging loved one with a long-term illness or disability?  You’re not alone.
Are the strains of caregiving are making it difficult to perform your work or take care of yourself? Are you worried that you’ll have to leave your job? Help is available.
1-1 Caregiver Support - Poster

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These  individualized programs are designed to meet caregivers where they are.

These six-month programs feature both one-on-one and small group support for the individual. The programs empower participants to learn new caregiving skills, to identify and address their caregiving challenges, and to adopt effective stress management techniques.

This enrollment cycle is open to Washington, DC -area participants. Caregivers may enroll in one of two programs:

RCI Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver Health 

This evidence-based program has been proven to improve the caregiver’s experience by:
  • Teaching strategies to handle their specific challenges;
  • Reducing feelings of caregiver burden and helplessness;
  • Teaching effective stress management techniques;
  • Reducing depression.
Participants will have a total of 12 sessions with a certified REACH interventionist. Up to nine sessions will be in-person and last one hour to 90 minutes. At least three 30-minute sessions will occur via phone or web conference. There will also be five one-hour, small group meetings.


Care 2 Care: 

Participants will develop self-care skills and strategies to assist their caregiving roles. The program will feature a combination of individual and group sessions. There will be up to six, 60-minute individual sessions. At least two of the individual sessions will occur in person and the rest via phone or web conference.

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