Your contribution helps us offer low to no cost programs to family and friend caregivers.

Contribute today or schedule a recurring monthly donation. Here’s how your contribution helps:

Gifts of $25 – $50 help offset the costs of manuals and course materials for one participant in a caregiver education and support program (e.g., Dealing with Dementia or REACH).

Gifts of $51 – $200 help support workshops and mini-retreats on topics like self-management and problem solving for caregivers.

Gifts of $201-500 help send us on-site to community-based organizations to present programs like Caring for You, Caring for Me and Dealing with Dementia.

Gifts of $500 or more help expand our capacity to disseminate new caregiver programs and also train volunteers to provide quality respite support to family caregivers.

Gifts of $1000 or more fund scholarships for caregivers participating in one-on-one, evidence-based programs such as RCI REACH for six months.