Attending Events & Partnering

We believe people usually want to be respectful. To help, we’ve adopted “house rules” for those who may be unfamiliar with the sanctity of support meetings. We’ve also added some information below on partnering or volunteering with us.

Volunteer/Programming Partner Opportunities

Our preferred programming is evidence-based or otherwise known to improve the experiences of family caregivers. At this time, we’re only seeking guest speakers and presenters with experience offering such programs.

Please contact us if you’re interested in partnering with us or  in volunteering administrative support to our program facilitators and operations staff.

Helpful Information for Visitors:

If you are interested in partnering with us or presenting to our caregiver community in some capacity, please consult the following guidance:

  • Make sure you’re welcome before registering for an event. Seating is intentionally limited for most events in order to ensure a small group setting. Registering with the intent to promote professional or organizational interests deprives a caregiver of the opportunity to access vital resources.
  • Be professional. You’re more likely to be invited as a speaker or to share your resources with our community if you exemplify exceptional professionalism. This means respecting the space we give caregivers. Do not promote your professional services or organization at our events or online forums unless you have requested and received express written permission in advance.
  • Respect the space we offer caregivers. Our programs are intended to support services for family caregivers, not to provide marketing and promotional opportunities for commercial or other interests. 

Promotion/Endorsement of Commercial Interests

Family caregivers often experience significant financial burdens. We offer low-to-no-cost programs for family caregivers. Endorsing or promoting private, fee-based services is outside the scope of our mission. We do, however, consider strictly informational presentations from vetted professionals who offer relevant services and resources.

Attendance Policies:

We reserve the right to cancel registration or otherwise deny participation for anyone who provides false information in their event registration. This includes anyone who misrepresents themselves as a family/friend caregiver seeking support or a person seeking support on behalf of a loved one who is a family caregiver.

We also reserve the right to deny participation to anyone who promotes a commercial, professional or research interest at an event without obtaining express written permission from us in advance.