Under the Kadamba Tree

iStock_000010789740_SmallWelcome to Under the Kadamba Treea blog for caregivers.

But what is a Kadamba tree?

Well, it’s many things to many people. So let’s start with where and how it grows.

The Kadamba tree is a fragrant, flowering tree that grows in Southeast Asia. Its cultural and religious significance for people who live there dates back thousands of years. Its flowers are bright, golden balls, like the one you see in the picture above. It’s said that the tree blossoms with these flowers at the sound of monsoon thunder.

The Kadamba tree has many practical uses from feeding cattle, to making perfume, to treating diabetes. And now it’s the inspiration for the Kadamba Tree Foundation, a caregiver support organization founded in the U.S.

For the people who founded the Kadamba Tree Foundation and carry out its mission, this tree symbolizes how we can blossom during the storms of caregiving. Its flowers represent the  potential to come out of the storm even stronger and wiser than before.

Our goal is to share that inspiration with caregivers through educational programs and this blog. We’ll share practical caregiving skills and information, stress management techniques and tools for self-development.

Why is this important? Because caregiving is a responsibility that most busy adults will encounter at some point. We want to cultivate healthy, effective caregivers.

In our next post, please join us under the Kadamba Tree to hear our founder’s story.

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Executive Director at Kadamba Tree Foundation

Karen L. Marshall, J.D., is Kadamba Tree Foundation’s Executive Director. Her experiences as a caregiver taught her about the value of self-care in effective caregiving and inspired her to establish Kadamba Tree. In addition to developing and facilitating stress management and other educational programs for family caregivers, she also helps organizations and governmental agencies develop and deliver caregiver outreach programs.

Karen is a Certified Program Leader for the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving’s Caring for Me, Caring for You Program and a Master Trainer for RCI’s Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Health (REACH) program. These evidence- backed programs offer education and support for family caregivers.

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