Finding a New Reference Point for Caregiving

Vibrant TreeIt’s not always possible to take a break from our caregiving duties. But simple stress management tools – like connecting with a meaningful symbol- can help. For instance, the image of a tree blossoming in a storm helped this caregiver. The Kadamba Tree Foundation helps family caregivers identify the stress management tools that work for them.

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Executive Director at Kadamba Tree Foundation

Karen L. Marshall, J.D., is Kadamba Tree Foundation’s Executive Director. Her experiences as a caregiver taught her about the value of self-care in effective caregiving and inspired her to establish Kadamba Tree. In addition to developing and facilitating stress management and other educational programs for family caregivers, she also helps organizations and governmental agencies develop and deliver caregiver outreach programs.

Karen is a Certified Program Leader for the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving’s Caring for Me, Caring for You Program and a Master Trainer for RCI’s Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Health (REACH) program. These evidence- backed programs offer education and support for family caregivers.

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