How We Help

Kadamba Tree Foundation offers education and support in a variety of settings. We help by meeting family caregivers where they are – physically and emotionally.

  • Extra Small FruitGROUP PROGRAMS

Small group programs offer experiential learning of caregiving strategies  in a welcoming environment.  Participants have opportunities to share with other caregivers while developing essential caregiving skills (e.g.,  building cooperative relationships, problem solving, and managing stress). Our teachers are sensitive to individual needs and prepared to adapt classes as appropriate.

We also offer special events, workshops and retreats in larger settings.

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We offer special courses and presentations for specific caregiving populations, such as caregivers for the elderly, Alzheimer’s patients and cancer patients, to name a few. Our network of teachers and experts can also seamlessly incorporate stress management education into presentations on other useful topics ranging from wellness to legal information.

Contact us to arrange a presentation or custom program for your organization, community or support group. We also assist small, informal of groups of fellow caregivers.

  • Extra Small FruitONE-TO-ONE PROGRAMS

The ongoing support of a caring, knowledgeable teacher or interventionist can further enhance a caregiver’s sense wellbeing. Partnering with a teacher or interventionist empowers caregivers to find viable strategies for addressing their caregiving concerns and reaching their goals.

We help connect students with teachers/interventionists who can meet them where they are because everyone has different needs, goals and talents.

Contact us for more information about individualized programs. Click here for more information about specific programs and interventions.