About Us

Our Mission

Logo-HiresThe Kadamba Tree Foundation’s mission is to empower family and friend caregivers to “blossom” during caregiving challenges.

What Do We Do?

We offer education and support programs to help family caregivers bridge gaps between moments of respite.  Specifically, we deliver evidence-based caregiver interventions, best practices in caregiver support, and other evidence-informed program models that are proven to enhance the caregiving experience.

Why Emphasize Best Practices and Evidence-Based Programs?

Family and friend caregivers have an important mission. That’s why it’s our mission to provide them with proven tools to support them in their roles.

Unpaid family and friends are a crucial component of our nation’s long-term care system, providing the majority of care for people with long-term illnesses and disabilities as well as for the elderly. Although caring for a loved one can be deeply rewarding, it’s also associated with increased physical and mental health risks, social isolation and financial strain.

Because caregivers’ challenges are real and their time and resources are limited, we focus exclusively on delivering programs that empower caregivers and enhance their quality of life. And we do it all in a warm, welcoming environment.

Who “Blossoms” Through Our Programs?

Family & friends who provide care for loved ones, including:

  • – Those who regularly provide unpaid care for a loved one because of a long-term medical, behavioral or other condition or disability;
  • – Those who regularly care for an aging loved one;
  • – Those who regularly provide assistance with activities of daily living (e.g., eating, bathing), household chores, managing finances, getting to/from medical appointments, medication management and similar assistance;
  • – Those who regularly arrange or coordinate the above-referenced care from other providers on behalf of a loved one;
  • -Those provide such care alone, in conjunction with or in addition to other caregivers; and
  • – Those who provide such care to a loved one who lives in the same household, nearby or far away

Providers of services and supports to family & friend caregivers, including:

  • – Civic, faith-based, health and other community-based organizations;
  • – Support groups and support group facilitators; and
  • – Peer support circles (formal or informal)

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Our Inspiration

Kadamba Tree Foundation was inspired by the personal self-care journey of our founder and director. Here’s her story:

small necklace“I embarked on my own self-care journey with the goal of becoming a better caregiver. It was this journey that introduced me to a variety of holistic health modalities, wellness experts and Western evidence-based research on caregiving interventions. It also led me to a yoga therapy center in Chennai, India. 

While in Chennai, I came across a necklace made from the wood of a Kadamba tree. Upon hearing that the tree blossoms at the sound of monsoon thunder, I immediately recognized the power of this symbol. Not only did it resonate with me, it offered a profound message to help caregivers persevere and cope with the unique challenges of providing care—to others and to ourselves.” – Karen Marshall, Founder & Executive Director

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